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Home Inspectors Canton GA
Home Inspectors Canton GA

8 Most Common Home Inspection Issues

Home Inspection Services Canton GA
Home Inspection Services Canton GA
Home Inspection Services Canton GA
Real Estate Home Inspection Canton GA

Home inspections are a crucial part of the home buying process and can be nerve wracking for the buyer AND the seller. Having a qualified, experienced home inspector is key to having a home Home Inspectors Canton GAinspection done that you can trust. While there are hundreds of issues that can be found during a home inspection, here are 8 of the most common home inspection issues.

1. Bad wiring. Bad wiring can include open junction boxes, amperage mismatches, and no wire nuts on the wires. While wiring issues are usually a fairly basic fix, its important to have this problem fixed as bad wiring could lead to a house fire down the road.

2. Grading and drainage issues. If the yard slopes toward the home and preventive drainage measures haven’t been implemented, this could lead to leaking in the basement (if there is a basement) or cracks and leaking in the foundation. This can cause major structural issues for a house. Grading and drainage issues can be fixed by using fill dirt, retaining walls, etc.

3. Old or damaged gutters. Clogged gutters or gutters that are bent and broken cannot properly move rainwater away from the house. This can cause leaking or roof damage. Having gutters repaired or replaced and having gutter guards installed can prevent this issue.

4. Water in the basement. Any amount of water in the basement, even just enough to give the air a musty, damp feeling, can be a problem. Water in the basement can lead to serious mold issues. Having the basement sealed with a waterproof coating can help.

5. Roofing and shingle problems. A roof with broken shingles, missing shingles, or sunken in places can be a serious red flag. Any roofing issues should be addressed by a professional roofer.

6. Foundation issues. Foundation issues can include visible cracks in the foundation or floors that aren’t level. Foundation problems can be bad news for the whole house and cracks should be addressed immediately.

7. Poor exterior home maintenance. Things like broken shutters, cracked, peeling, or faded paint, or a cracked driveway are easy fixes, but can be a turn off for buyers.

8. Bad plumbing. There are many plumbing warning signs that can be seen in a home inspection including water stains on the ceiling, low water pressure, and slow or smelly drains. Small plumbing problems can sometimes be indicators of larger plumbing problems and should be addressed by a professional plumber.

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