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Home Inspectors Canton GA
Home Inspectors Canton GA

Questions To Ask Your Home Inspector

Questions To Ask Your Home Inspector

Home Inspection Services Canton GA
Home Inspection Services Canton GA
Home Inspection Services Canton GA
Real Estate Home Inspection Canton GA

Having a home inspection done to a home you are purchasing is a crucial step in the home buying process. Its important to be there during your home inspection and to talk with the home inspectorHome Inspectors Canton GA so that you’ve got as much information as possible about the home you’re buying.

Educating yourself as much as you can about the home you’re buying is important, after all, buying a home is a huge financial commitment! Here are some questions you can ask your home inspector so that you can educate yourself as much as possible.

1. How bad is it? Home inspectors have seen it all, so they tend to be very calm and even tempered in the face of problems. Its important for you, as the potential buyer, to have a firm grasp on how bad the problem really is. You need to know the potential implications of the problem, how it can affect your home, and how much it can cost to fix it.

2. Who should I call to fix it? Finding out who should fix what problems is important. The person to call may not be as obvious as you think. For example, any gas line problems are handled by a plumber. Your home inspector may also let you know that its a simple problem that can be solved with a quick trip to your local hardware store. For larger repairs, your home inspector may have some good referrals for you.

3. What needs to be fixed and how soon does it need to be fixed? Your home inspector’s job is to point out every single flaw with the home. However, not all of these problems are crucial to the integrity of your home, and not all of them need to be fixed immediately. Some of the problems pointed out are simply things for you to be aware of. No home is perfect. Its important to discuss with your home inspector which issues are pressing.

4. Can you show this to me? You may be overwhelmed and looking at a million other things during your home inspection. Its a good idea for you to walk through the home with the home inspector during the inspection or take a look at the report at the end and ask the inspector to show you anything that’s been noted in the report.

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While the initial purchase of a home is a huge financial commitment, the financial burden doesn't end there. Having a good home inspection can prevent additional costs!

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