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Home Inspectors Canton GA
Home Inspectors Canton GA

Who Should be at Your Home Inspection

Who Should Be Present At Your Home Inspection

Home Inspection Services Canton GA
Home Inspection Services Canton GA
Home Inspection Services Canton GA
Real Estate Home Inspection Canton GA

Buying a home can be an overwhelming and daunting process! Perhaps the most nerve wracking part of buying a home is the home inspection. You may have fallen in love with your dream home, Pre Sale Home Inspections Cherokee Countyand you don’t want to find any major problems during your home inspection! Before you head off to your home inspection, its important to know who should be there and what to expect from each person.

1. You. Of course you should be there! You should be there ready to soak it all in and learn as much as possible about your future home. Before you show up for the home inspection make sure you’ve reviewed the seller’s property disclosures and any other documentation you may have already received about the home. If you have any concerns, make a list so you can be sure and address them during the inspection. Make sure you’ve set aside a few hours for the inspection, just in case.

2. Your agent. Its a good idea to have your agent go with you. An experienced real estate agent will have been through many home inspections and know what to expect and what to look out for. Depending on what’s found during the inspection, you may be in for some negotiations during your home buying process, so its important for your agent to be fully aware of any issues found.

3. The seller’s agent. The seller’s agent may not always go to the home inspection. However, a smart agent will show up for the inspection in case any issues are found that need to be addressed. The inspection is one of the biggest hurdles in the home buying process, and if it goes poorly, it could result in the buying process ending.

4. The home inspector. As the buyer, you get to hire the property inspector. Its important to choose an experienced home inspector who knows exactly what to look for. Your home inspector should remain as unbiased as possible, while still making sure to look for any issues. Your home inspector will provide you with a detailed report about the home. It can also be helpful for you to follow the inspector around the home, so that you can see things in real time.

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